San Saba Royalty

If You Would Like To Receive An Offer

Please click on an option below to contact San Saba Royalty for an offer on your mineral interest. If you provide a phone number we will have an evaluation specialist contact you directly.


Please select what kind of property you would like to inquire about.

If You’ve Received An Offer For Gas, Mineral, and Oil Royalties, or Mineral Rights

If you are receiving a monthly check for gas, mineral, and oil royalties, or if you own minerals that are not yet producing, please follow our simple instructions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.

  • Producing Offer Steps
    • Receiving a Monthly Royalty Check
      1. Follow instructions in letter attached to bank draft (example)
      2. Complete “checklist” at bottom right of letter/draft
      3. Submit the following to expedite the process:
        º Copy of recent Check Stubs (example)
        º Copy of your Lease Agreement
        º Copy of a Division Order if possible
      4. Short title review period
      5. Closing

  • Non-Producing Offer Steps
    • Own Minerals, Don’t Receive A Royalty Check
      1. Contact us by phone (214-389-0788) or email (
      2. Provide property details such as county, survey, abstract, and acreage that you would like to have evaluated
      3. If you accept our offer we will send you a letter agreement
      4. Short title review period
      5. Closing
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