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For producing mineral or royalty interests

We estimate

We estimate how much oil and gas is left to be extracted from active wells that produce from acreage where you own mineral rights. We then assign appropriate commodity prices to the oil and gas that we expect to be produced to reach a value for your royalty interests in each respective well. This process can be expedited by providing a recent check-stub from an operator that shows exactly what wells you are in pay on and what your net revenue interest is in each well.

We assess

We assess the future potential of your mineral interests by attempting to determine how many more wells can be drilled in a specific section or unit within the property. The number of wells left to be drilled is determined by a number of factors:

  • unit/section size and shape
  • total number of currently producing wells
  • quality of previous wells
  • current commodity prices

We Evaluate

Once the number of wells is estimated and a value is assigned to the oil and gas that could potentially be produced by these hypothetical wells, we combine the current production value with the future potential value to determine the total value of your mineral or royalty interest. Offers received by mail, over the phone or in person are based off these value determinations.

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For non-producing mineral rights

We analyze

We analyze a few important factors, including the geographic location and geological makeup of your mineral rights, as well as current or past drilling activity near the non-producing interest. Increasing activity and the drilling of successful, economic wells in the vicinity of your mineral estate can help raise its value.

We investigate

We determine whether there is a lease for your mineral rights, as well as the terms and operator of the lease.

  • If there is a lease for your mineral rights but production has not begun, the potential for the profitable extraction of oil and gas still exists.
  • However, new wells might be too expensive to drill at current commodity prices. If the operator of the lease does not have the resources to drill new wells and lets the lease expire, your mineral rights may be devalued.
  • The terms of the lease can help determine the share of future revenues that specific mineral rights will receive from the oil and gas produced.

We Evaluate

Once all of these factors have been analyzed, San Saba Royalty determines a value for your non-producing mineral rights and will make offers for rights to these mineral interests based on these values.

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