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We are interested in any and all opportunities to acquire minerals and royalties. Contact us and we can let you know what information we need to make an offer on your interests.

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Reasons To Sell

  • Estate planning simplified

    by liquidating all mineral and royalty interests into transferable cash.
  • Costs of transferring ownership

    can exceed value of the royalty interest.
  • Tax preparation & administration costs

    can overwhelm the value of the royalty interest.
  • Diversified income stream

    and investment portfolio.
  • A lump sum can

    defray college tuition, auto, or home costs.
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Why sell Now?

Reduce your exposure to the unpredictable nature of oil and gas market prices and simplify your tax preparation by eliminating certain property taxes.

Can You Sell a Portion?

Yes, this can often be the best of both worlds for sellers. Liquidating a portion of your assets can offer a quick cash solution, while maintaining a monthly cash flow.

How We Evaluate

Our team of geologists and analysts use a proven formula for valuing your interests.


  • Current Production
  • +
  • Future Potential
  • =
  • Best Price Available


  • Geographic Location
  • +
  • Lease Terms
  • +
  • Production Trends
Let’s shorten the negotiation period.
If you have a price in mind you would like to get for your interest, let us know.

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Our Process

Our team of geologists and economic analysts have streamlined San Saba Royalty’s process to ensure our sellers go from evaluation to closing as quickly as possible.
Your interest is evaluated. Contact us to get started.
Your offer is made and negotiated.
Your offer is accepted and your check is cut. *

It's That Simple.

* The process between accepting an offer and receiving your lump sum payment takes an average of 30-45 days. However, this timeline can be expedited by providing title documents, royalty check stubs, etc. Contact us to learn exactly what documents are needed and how to begin the process of divesting your interests.

…“Some issues with a mortgage came up during the title review and I am glad I worked with San Saba because they had the experience to handle the situation I was in.”

Charles S. Mansfield, Texas

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