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Oil, Gas, Mineral Rights & Royalty Interests

San Saba Royalty Company makes it easy for the individual mineral and royalty owner to convert producing or non-producing minerals into cash.

  • No transaction cost for seller
  • Evaluations by seasoned geological and engineering staff
  • Call us at 866-901-0147 for a free evaluation

Our offers are industry best

Prior to mailing offers, San Saba’s geological & engineering team develops a decline curve analysis based on historical production for each producing unit. New well permits as well as future unit potential also factor into the final offer.

This allows us to determine the value of each royalty owner’s interest and make a fair bid whether the interest is large or small on oil, gas, and mineral rights.

If We Sent You A Letter, Call Us Today!

We send offers out regularly and many times there are questions that arise from the communication. If you have received a letter and want to find out about how we evaluate property or just want to discuss the offer then click this link to contact us now!